ICC says no conspiracy in attack on Sri Lanka’s cricketers


The head of the International Cricket Council, has rejected any suggestion that there was a conspiracy surrounding the terror attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team, in Lahore last week.

Speaking in Sydney, Chief Executive, Haroon Lorgat hah-ROON lor-GAT says he understands why two Australian umpries caught up in the attack criticised the security arrangements on their return home.

Both Steve Davis and Simon Taufel TOW-fuhl say they were left on their own without adequate security during the attack and there were many unanswered questions.

But Mr Lorgat says conspiracy theories are not rational.

I’m mindful of the experience they’ve gone through and i think it is a difficult time for them … i guess you and i going through something we may’ve acted in a similar fashion. and i think we just understand the context and we must just allow and be more rational in the assessment of what had transpired after a few days.