PNG villagers allege police destroyed homes


Papua New Guinean villagers have alleged police sent to restore law and order at the Porgera gold mine in the PNG highlands have destroyed their houses.

Tribal warfare and illegal mining activities have affected businesses and people in the Porgera Valley over the last five years.

More than 200 security personnel were deployed to the Porgera Valley in PNG’s Enga province to stop tribal warfare and illegal mining activities last month.

Now villagers near the Porgera mine have alleged those police sent to restore peace burnt their houses.

Spokesman Jeffery Simon has criticised their actions.

He said 309 houses were “completely burnt and more than 1000 people are affected”.

“The provincial police commander actually does not know what is going on down in the valley”.

He says that for over 20 years the government and the mine have failed to relocate the villagers living within the special mining lease area.

PNG’s Enga provincial police commander Michael Chare has travelled to the Porgera mine to confirm the allegations.