Sri Lanka poised for an economic take-off: Government


Sri Lanka’s foreign minister says the country is poised for economic take-off now that its military has routed the Tamil Tiger rebels and ensured a peaceful future for the country.

Rohita Bogollagama also says his country’s independent courts – and not international organisations – will investigate military personnel for any alleged human rights violations.

Several human rights groups have called for independent investigations into the number of civilians killed in the final weeks of the civil war.

The foreign minister said Sri Lanka was a sovereign country with its own legal framework and its independent judiciary will investigate if there are any complaints.

In Singapore for a high-level security and defence conference, Mr Bogollagama also dismissed charges of genocide in the last days of the Sri Lanka’s military battle against Tamil Tiger rebels.

He described the accusations by human rights groups as fictitious.

He said they had ulterior and sinister motives to discredit the armed forces.

Earlier, Mr Bogollagama told the conference Sri Lankans, while resilient, are weary of war and want to get on with their lives.

He said the post-conflict period will focus on rehabilitation, resettlement, economic development, and holding free and fair elections.