Fiji democracy rally targets China, India, SKorea support


Members of an Australia-based Fiji democracy movement have held protest rallies outside the Australian missions of China, India, Fiji and South Korea on Friday.

The majority of the group travelled in several buses from Sydney to the nation’s capital.

They started with a peaceful gathering outside the Fijian High Commission, hoping to present a letter to the High Commissioner demanding a return to the 1997 constitution.

However, he refused to meet them.

The group then visited the South Korean Embassy and the Indian High Commission to present petitions asking their governments to withdraw support for the military regime.

The Sydney-based Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement’s President Peter Waqatairewa says a similiar petition will be sent to the Chinese embassy.

“They are basically aiding and abetting a military government because they have all got their own ulterior motives,” he said.

The group finished with speeches outside parliament house.