Chinese police catch 15,000 drink-drivers


Chinese police say they have caught 15,000 people in the first week of a crackdown on drinking and driving, which follows public anger caused by a series of fatal accidents.

The public security ministry says the cases are concentrated in the nation’s wealthy areas, with 3,000 reported in east China’s Zhejiang province and 1,500 in Shanghai.

It says despite the crackdown, there has been no obvious drop in the number of drink-driving cases.

Xinhua news agency says the two-month campaign began on August 15 in an effort to improve road safety before and during the 60th anniversary of the communist state in October.

In a signal of a tougher approach, a court handed down a death sentence last month to a motorist who killed four people after drinking large quantities of a strong Chinese spirit.

It is the first time capital punishment has been ordered in the case of a death caused by drunken driving.