NZ Mayor accused of bullying children


A mayor in New Zealand is being accused of bullying a group of schoolchildren who wrote to him asking for the spelling of his city to be changed.

Seven Maori children, aged between 11 and 13, from a school near Wanganui, on New Zealand’s North Island, wrote to the local Mayor Michael Laws.

In their letter, the children asked Mr Laws to add an “h” to Wanganui, which they argued was the original Maori spelling.

Shocking response

They were shocked at the letter they received back from the Mayor.

Mr Laws told them he would take their views seriously when the class started addressing real issues facing Maori such as child abuse and child murder.

Mr Laws warned the students to control their anger and said their teacher should be sacked for allowing “misapprehension to flourish”.

Mr Laws has not apologised, but he has invited the children to afternoon tea.

The students aren’t sure yet if they will accept.