Australia signs Gorgon gas deal


The Australian Government has hailed Monday’s official go-ahead for the Gorgon gas deal as a sign that Australia is a world leader in clean energy.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the project off Australia’s north-west, which is expected to begin production in 2014, will provide a valuable source of jobs and exports.

The Government last month gave its final approval for the $US41 billion project to provide liquefied natural gas (LNG) to China.

But the deal wasn’t finalised until Monday, when the joint venture partners met in the West Australia city of Perth for an official signing ceremony.

The Gorgon project is owned by multinationals Chevron, Exxon-Mobil and Shell.

Australian Trade Minister Simon Crean has told Parliament the carbon capture and storage technology included in the project shows Australia can do far more than just export resources.

“This demonstrates Australia’s contribution and its ability to play as a global and clean energy super power,” he said.