Thai soldiers hurt in grenade attack, as red shirts surround PM


Grenades have exploded at a Thai military base, hurting two soliders, as anti-government protesters massed at another army barracks on the outskirts of town.

It’s not immediately clear if the attack is related to the so called Red Shirts rally.

The army says unknown attackers in a pickup truck fired four M-79 grenade rounds into the first infantry regiment barracks.

Two soldiers were wounded and have been taken to hospital.

The barracks where the grenade attack took place is close to the army base where thousands of Red Shirt supporters are demonstrating.

It’s not yet known who fired the grenades.

In recent weeks, the government has been warning against fringe groups that it says have been transporting weapons to Bangkok to take advantage of the political unrest.

Earlier reports said about 10,000 people had gathered outside the barracks where the Prime Minister has been sheltering.

Redshirt protestors were standing 10 deep at razor wire barricades and starng at soldiers standing ready inside.

Helicopters are on standby to evacuate the prime minister.