Women help success of Solomons road program


A new road maintenance program in Solomon Islands is proving to be very successful, thanks largely to women.

The new road maintenance program is based on small indigenous companies hiring labour rather than using machines.live streaming film Tallulah

The Solomon Islands government, supported by donors such as the Asian Development Bank and AusAID, has helped locals to set up companies and bid for work.

Many of the companies are run by women, and women make up more than 50 per cent of their roadworkers.

Moses Virivolomo, from the Ministry of Infrastucture, says the program has allowed him to provide more jobs, double the number of kilometres of road being maintained and to get road maintenance gangs working in more remote areas.

The Asian Development Bank says the program has become a model for the region with Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Tonga adopting the same approach.