Rudd to head East Timor asylum processing centre talks


Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard says Kevin Rudd will lead negotiations on setting up an asylum seeker processing centre in East Timor.

Ms Gillard’s call for a regional processing centre came shortly after she deposed Mr Rudd as leader.

He has just been appointed Foreign Affairs Minister in her new Cabinet.

On the night Ms Gillard challenged him, Mr Rudd warned the party could shift to the right on asylum seekers.

Ms Gillard has told Insiders, a program on Radio Australia’s parent company the ABC, that she expects he will support her policy.

“Kevin Rudd like me understands that it is not in the interests of asylum seekers to risk their lives at sea and get on a boat,” she said.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

“It’s not in the interests of this nation to have unauthorised arrivals by sea-we don’t want to see people pay people smugglers.”