Netball misses selection for 2011 South Pacific Games


Reigning netball champions Fiji will not be able to defend their title in next year’s South Pacific Games in New Caledonia.

There are 12 compulsory sports, but each Games host is able to pick the remaining 16 competitions.

As expected, the French territory host has chosen sports that are considered their strengths, such as paddling and canoeing. But netball wasn’t one of the sports chosen.

Vidya Lakhan from the Fiji Amateur Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee Executive says despite the disadvantage to Fiji in netball this time round, everybody gets a chance eventually.

“They all accept that we have quite a few American territories, there are French territories and there are former British colonies, so some of the sports are not common to all of them.”

“But they do get the opportunity to put forward that they prefer when they get the opportunity to host the games.”