S.Korea to continue live-fire drill off all coasts next week


South Korea says it will continue to stage live-fire military drills off all coasts of the Korean peninsula.

This follows last month’s attack by North Korea on an island on the southern side of the disputed border with South Korea, which killed four people.

The spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff however says a drill to be staged at 27 venues from December 13 to 19 will not take place near the contested Yellow Sea border with the North.

The region remains tense since the attack and Pyongyang has threatened retaliatory blows at the military build-up in the South, calling it “a declaration of an all-out war.”

Meanwhile North Korea’s foreign Minister, Pak Ui-Chun, is in Moscow to discuss the situation on the Korean Peninsula with his Russian counterpart.

Mr Pak’s visit comes just days after North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-il met Chinese officials for what were termed as candid talks.

Before he left on the trip Mr Pak was quoted by newsagencies as defending his country’s right to have nuclear weapons and accusing South Korea and America of hostility.