Tonga’s pro-democracy leader willing to work with government


The leader of Tonga’s pro-democracy movement, Akilisi Pohiva says he is prepared to work with the government and has not dismissed the idea he or one of his members will take a seat in Cabinet.

The movement won 12 of the 27 seats in Tonga’s Parliament, but it was not enough to sway all the independents with a majority of them joining the nine Nobles who have mandated seats in the house.

Mr Pohiva who’s from the Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands lost the ballot for Prime Minister on Tuesday to Noble Tu’ivakano.

He has told Pacific Beat he’s still waiting to have discussions with the new government and Prime Minister about the role his party will play in parliament.

“We still have to decide, which way to go, we haven’t decided what we are going to do,” he said.

“We are still waiting for to invite us to sit down and discuss what we, what is best for the country, which is our expectation.”