Tonga police chief slams hidden accusers


Tonga’s police commissioner says he is struggling to respond properly to complaints made against him because he does not know who is behind them.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

At least 150 Tongan police officers have signed a petition calling for Commissioner Chris Kelley to step down.

The petitioners have raised concerns about the new promotional structure and accuse the commissioner of acting with favouritism towards certain officers.

Commissioner Kelley says he is confident he can defend all the allegations if he knows who is making them and why.

He said: “It is pretty poor to allege that I knowingly operate a corrupt service and this is being said in this documentation.”

Police Minister Viliami Latu says the officers’ complaints are disconcerting.

“Law and order is vital for Tonga at the moment.”

A cabinet committee is expected to make a recommendation on the petition on Friday.