Fiji considers switching Radio Australia back on


Fiji’s coup-installed military government has suggested it is looking at allowing Radio Australia to broadcast there again.

Power to the two transmitters, one in Nadi and the other in Suva, was switched off by the interim government in 2009.

But Fiji’s permanent secretary of information, Sharon Smith-Johns told Radio Australia’s <a href=””>Pacific Beat</a> on Friday that she is looking at reversing the policy.

“Well look, I want you to come back online because I have to listen to you through the Internet. We’re looking at that currently; we’d welcome having you back on our airways,” she said.

Radio Australia’s CEO, Mike McCluskey has welcomed her statement but says Radio Australia’s parent company, the ABC, will not make any deals about news coverage of Fiji in exchange for getting the transmitters back on.

“No, because the ABC already has arrangements in place to ensure fairness and accountability. We have the arrangements of our code of practice, we have the arrangements of our editorial policies,” he said.