Pacific nation woos Lady Gaga


The small Pacific nation of Niue is attempting to attract international pop star Lady Gaga to perform there by promising her the entire country would attend her concert.

Niue’s Tourism Manager, Hayden Porter, sent her agent and concert organisers a letter inviting her to perform in Niue.

Mike Hogan from the Niue Tourism Office told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat the invitation is not a gimmick.

“It would be great fun if it happened, but of course we are not holding our breath, but it is a genuine invitation,” he said.

“She’s terribly popular in the island, particularly the young people of course.”

Lady Gaga will be touring New Zealand in about two months.

And Mr Hogan said Lady Gaga would have a wonderful time if she performed in Niue.

“She would be able to walk around the island freely, there are some magical spot there, caves, we have whales coming within 100 meters of shore,” he said.

“The water clarity is just stunning to just go swimming and diving and she would have a wonderful, wonderful break away from everthing that surrounds her”.